I am Seb, nice to meet you. I am media designer turned self-tought programmer, when I realized how fantastic the world bridging art and tech is. I also realized I was quite good at it. I have always been an analytical guy, transforming things around me into systems in my mind. But I have also always been a dreamer. Essentially turning me into a production machine for surreal systems. This is my digital garden where I share my thoughts about a fantastical area moving between technology, art and philosophy. Providing a peek inside my often very convoluted mind, processing many interests and seeing the most absurd connections leading to fascinating stories like:

Abstractions and Absurdities

Where I write short essays about different topics often drawing connections to seemingly unrelated other topics and finding a beautiful correlation, or sometimes just silly nonsense.

The beauty of Singing - From Abstraction to Emergence
Syntax, Semantics and Power of Expression
The Illusive Nature of Art
My Attempt to explain a Monad

Tinker Tales

Thinking is fun and all, but sometimes I need to fidget with something. Tinker tales is my diary of how I get to know new topics or experiment with new technology. Try out new frameworks or implement some interesting idea. And share any interesting insight with you along the way.

Stories from an Hybrid Habitat

Are reports out of my daily life as a Creative Developer freelancer and a University Student of Creative Technologies at a Film University, being the tech support and architect for some of the most extravagant minds. I also share my experiences working with creative technologies and try to explain to myself and hopefully you computer science through the domain of creative or artistic applications.

Bug Hunting Thrillers

There will be no blood, but there will be perpetrators. And I will find them! Do I hear Sherlock music? Join me on my exhilarating quest of hunting down the most illusive of bugs.

Study Sessions

I learn best from examples. When learning new languages and technologies, my favorite activity is to read source code of other projects. It shows me the technology applied in action, and I can dissect and rummage through them to learn about new concepts in Study Sessions.